‘Malikappuram’ ‘Kanthara of Kerala’, you must watch this film; Anto Anthony MP

Kochi: Unni Mukunandan starrer Malikappuram has been praised by many. Now Congress MP Anto Antony has praised the film. The MP wrote on his Facebook that ‘Malikappuram’, directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar, is ‘Kanthara of Kerala’.

You must watch this movie to know how far pure devotion and prayer can bring down a man. The MP also noted that there must be some tears and satisfaction left somewhere inside when you watch it. In the words of Anton Antony-

He has also realized that when he says that he is the representative of the people of the country where Sabarimala is; Especially when it comes to states outside Kerala. Ayyappan is an indescribable source of strength for all of them. It captures the feeling of watching a spectacular film showcasing that divine splendor on the very day of its release. The film ‘Malikappuram’, directed by Vishnushishankar and produced by Priyasuhrit Anto Joseph and Venukunnapalli, can be called ‘Kanthara of Kerala’ in one sentence.

It is so scintillating that it fills the audience with beautiful moments of devotion and innocence and culminates in a heart-wrenching climax. Viewers follow eight-year-old girl Kalyani and her friend Piyush on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Sabarimala is to be seen, felt, absorbed in its spirit… ‘Tatvamasi’ or ‘It is you’ is the principle inscribed on Sabarimala.

This is what the film tells us. We are Piyush and Kalyani. I believe there is a divine touch on the kids Devanandan and Shripad Yan who play these two characters. His performance is amazing. Although the story progresses through them, Sabarimala and Ayyappan are the main characters in this film.

So when I see it, the mantra ‘Swami… Sharanmayyappa…’ often fills my mind. Unnimukundan is once again winning hearts with his performance. The character played by Unni has a mesmerizing character which can be known only by watching the film. Actors like Saiju Kurup, Ramesh Pisharti and others who play the lead characters deserve praise.

Congratulations to director Vishnu, screenwriter Abhilash Pillai, cinematographer Vishnu Narayanan, editor Shameer Muhammad, music director Ranjin Raj and all the crew members. You have made a poetry film which will make Malayalees more proud in other countries.

Whenever I go out of Kerala, I will always say that I am coming from the land of Sabarimala, and I will also say, ‘You must watch the movie Malikappuram’. This work is so good. You must watch this movie to know how much pure devotion and prayer can bring down a man. When you see, there will be some tears and satisfaction left inside, definitely…

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