Malikappuram is the film that had to be shelved due to date issues with that Telugu film; Unni Mukundan tells the story behind the film

Unni Mukundan thanked the audience and the makers as the film ‘Malikappuram’ is getting good response. Malikappuram was one such film that was shelved due to date issues of a Telugu film. The actor shared a note on Facebook saying that it was ‘Mepadiyaan’ director Vishnu Mohan and his manager VP who approached him for the film.

Note by Unni Mukundan:

Hello, First of all I express my love and gratitude to Ayyappa Swamy who made Malikappuram movie such a huge success and audience welcomed the movie with open arms. I am going through a happiness that cannot be described or expressed in words right now. I have read a lot of positive feedback about the film and I share it.

Along with this, I am still getting positive messages about the film personally and through social media. This is the first time in my film career, my films have been successful in the past as well and gained audience support, but not as much as Malikappuram. Once again I express my gratitude and love to the producers Anto Chetan and Venuchetan who took the film to the audience.

The main thing for me to write this note is that the Telugu film I was working on, I had to drop it due to date issues and some other technical reasons, but this is due to the director of Meppadian and my dear friend Vishnu Mohan Was accompanied by my manager and brother-in-law Vipin, who brought me closer to Malikappuram. So all the love and good messages I get, they deserve them too.

Also at this time I remember all those who support me as a friend or brother. After the shooting of the film, my dear friend and editor of the film Shameer Muhammad became the backbone of it. It is because of his editing skills that the film has hit such a deep chord in the minds of the audience. Thanks a lot Sameer.

Five years later, when I started thinking of a big fight scene, I was determined to make the best of it. This was possible only because of Master Silva who completely understood the film and its characters and composed it in the best possible way. If the war scenes have been successful in creating excitement in the theatre, then full credit goes to the maestro.

I cannot summarize the success of Malikappuram without mentioning each and every artist of the film. Because this success is also because of their hard work. As they have already been talked about in many places, I will not mention them specifically here. Thank you once again to all the visitors who welcomed us to Malikappuram with open arms. For those who haven’t seen it, watch it soon.

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