Make every trip a memorable one; Do you know where Pearly and her family celebrated the new year?

All the videos shared by Pearly and her family go viral in no time. Fans love to know their news. Now Pearly is sharing the details of her Dubai trip. The Instagram video has been shared with more focus on Neela.

Pearly says now I am copying her to see when she will grow up. Tara also notes that every trip should be one to remember. The whole family is going to Dubai for New Year Celebration. Pearly, Nilak and Srinish are accompanied by Pearly’s parents.

Neela Baby is a child star who became a star when she was born. Pearly Mani used to come and share her pregnancy stories. The star also posted a beautiful note sharing a picture of her daughter on the day she was born. Later, Pearly informed her fans that her daughter got her first tooth and started walking with a limp.


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