Mahatma Gandhi and K Kelappan have expressed this openly; K Surendran in support of Pooja to Pooja movie

Starring Wariyamkunath Kunjahammed Haji as the villain, director Ramasimhan’s Ali Akbar’s Pooja Toti Pooja Vaare is hitting the theaters in the first week of March. The film was censored after several legal battles.

The production cost of the film was found through crowdfunding under the Mamadharma banner. As the release is nearing, state BJP president K.K. Surendran brought togetherness in the film.

Surendran, through his Facebook post, said that the worship of Ramasimhan by worship is a glimpse of real history.

The Mappila Riot was a horrific Hindu massacre in Malabar. Mahatma Gandhi and K. Madhavan Nair and K. Kelappan has expressed it openly. Kumaranashan’s plight is a reflection of that. EMS, leftist historians and Vadra Congress together made it a great freedom struggle and served the Malayalam people. There is no doubt that the worship of Ramasimhan will be a glimpse of real history. Extending his best wishes for the film which will hit the screens on March 3, K.K. Surendran noted. Lots of comments are coming on the post.

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