magical realism and smuggling; Genie falls from wow factor into cliché pit

magical realism and smuggling; Genie falls from wow factor into cliché pit

spoiler ALERT

Jinn is a movie directed by Siddharth Bharatan and starring Saubin Shahir in the lead role. It was a fresh look in the trailer and posters. The film’s trailer showed glimpses of magical realism and myth. The beginning of the film is also similar.

The jinn begins with redness that has mental troubles. The audience enters the magical world of Lallappan with beautiful views of the rural surroundings towards Kasark. He can know the concerns of the dead. Lallappan would soon understand what the deceased wanted to say to his relatives. While others see it as madness, Lallappan describes it as his creativity.

Lalappan sees that Kalan and Poth are coming to call their old grandmother. I’m trying to send it back next time. Such an interesting plot is presented very fresh in the beginning. With such an attractive plot, the genie later goes back to the old pattern.

Later, the audience sees Laalpan, which blends magical realism and myth, and Anees, which revolves around smuggling and the underworld, and Poor Man, who is a look-alike, and a combination of ruthless don. In a twist of fate the poor man is brought to the Don’s house. No one can understand the poor man who looks like a don. Don’s family members are surprised by his change and come close to him.

Suddenly one day the ruthless don returns to the affluent family. This is a story that has been seen many times in Malayalam and Indian languages. It may sound old, but if it was presented in a new style, it would have been fun. Starting off with a wow factor, gin falls into a pit of cliché. Finally the story of Lalappan and Anees ends as nothing.

Soubin Shaheer plays the character of two polarities like Lallappan and Anees. Nishant Sagar’s performance as Anees’s elder brother was also noteworthy. Ambuka, played by Nishant, emanates a nice grace and charm. Shashi Kalinga who has come of age is also a memorable character in Jinn.

Content Highlight: Jinnu Film falls from wow factor into the cliché pit

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