Made whole Malayalees laugh and one day suddenly shed tears – do you understand this actress?

Malayalees have always had a special curiosity to see the childhood pictures of superstars. This is because we see superstars as more than just actors and actresses. Rather, we see and love them as members of our household. So we take all their characteristics as if they were the characteristics of people in our own household.

Now the childhood photo of an actress is going viral. His photo in NCC dress is now going viral. She was an actress who made all Malayalees laugh. Many saw him as a replacement for the gap created by Kalpana Chechi. But his demise was unexpected.

The death of actress Subi Suresh was one of the news that Malayalees heard with great shock recently. His death was unexpected. He had liver disease. Later, when it increased, the disease worsened. Later they went to the mouth of death.

At the same time, many people are coming under this picture and saying that they miss Chechi. During this, the actor remained very active on social media. This picture was once shared by the actor himself. He won the trophy for the best cadet for cross country competition at the Republic Day Parade held in Delhi. Its picture has been shared by the actor himself once on social media. These pictures have again gone viral on social media.

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