Loving couples celebrated New Year by kissing each other, audience told your marriage

There has always been a special curiosity among Malayalees to know the specialty of superstars. This is because we see superstars as more than just actors and actresses. Rather, we see them as members of our own household. That’s why we carry all their characteristics as the characteristics of the people in our house.

Like ordinary people, superstars also celebrate New Year. Many people celebrate New Year with their wives and girlfriends. Now a picture shared by a leading actor of the film industry is going viral. He posted a picture kissing his girlfriend on the cheek.

Hello 2023, let love and light spread – that’s what he captioned the film. Needless to say, the film stars Arjun Kapoor. Another person in the picture is his girlfriend Malaika Arora. At the same time, many people came forward to congratulate the victim.

Both are dating for the last few years. In the year 2019, both will officially declare their love. There is love between the two for about four years. Viewers including Malayalees are now asking when are you going to get married.

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