Like Phoenix, actress Bhavana has made a grand comeback after six years; Rishiraj Singh with movie review

After a long gap, Malayali’s favorite star Bhavana is back in Malayalam. Bhavana is making a comeback after a gap of six years with the film ‘Natikakkakuru Premandarn’.

Many people came to wish for the return of the spirit. Many people from the field of cinema and culture came to congratulate Bhavna.

The film hit the theaters last night and has received a good response from the audience. Apart from being a love-family film, the survival of Nithya’s character is also a milestone in the film.

Retired DGP Rishiraj Singh has shared his review after watching the film. He shared his experience of watching the film through a Facebook post.

Note by Rishiraj Singh

A beautiful film written and directed by debutant Adil Maimunath Ashraf is a unique film about a woman who was fired from her job for reasons beyond her control and stayed where she is with her courage and confidence comes back with vigour.

The most important aspect of this film is that Bhavana, like a phoenix bird, has made a spectacular comeback after six long years, unlike those who think that everything is over after a unique tragedy.

Although the theme of the film is love, which is not particularly new, but has not lost its freshness for as long as humans have existed on earth, the film shows us the relationship between siblings, parents who share their They impose their preferences on children and women. who have a sense of identity.

The mental conflicts, happiness-sorrow, despair, anger, love and romance for the childhood friend of the girl who left the marriage after years were all preserved in the imagination. Though Bhavana’s Nithya Muralitharan is the lead character in the film, others have played their roles to the extent that each one is mentioned by name. The most important of which is Sania Rafi, who plays the character of Mariyam, the ten-year-old younger sister of hero Jimmy. Sania stunned the audience with her impossible performance.

This is Sharafuddin’s best performance as Jimmy in recent times. Sharafuddin managed to get away with being lazy and timid, not having the courage to tell his parents about his decisions and never living up to his father’s expectations of being able to stand on his own feet. Ashok’s soulful performance as Jimmy’s father, Abdul Khader, must also be commended. Anarkali Nassar, Shabin Benson, Afsana Lakshmi, who have come and gone on the big and small screen, have played their roles to perfection.

Notable thing is that the background music is composed by Bijbal. The music gently caressing and flowing with the flow of the film felt like a different experience. Arun Rushdie’s cinematography is also very touching. Noted film actress Hema Malini has said that it is not enough for actresses to be beautiful, but the skill of the cinematographer who captures that beauty can make one look very beautiful in a film. And in Hema Malini’s 35-year film career, she appeared very beautiful in the film ‘Amaze Aami’ (2001), which was described as a tea artist’s talent. Perhaps because of the specialty of cinematography, Bhavna looked very beautiful.

In short, Nittikkakkuru Premandarni is a feel-good film. A film that runs very smoothly but talks about very serious issues. Those who have love in their heart, who are still in love and who want to love again, will not miss this film. After all, the film’s producers Rajesh Krishna and Reenish Abdul Khader can also take pride in the fact that time will mark this film as the one that brought actress Bhavna back to her place. Congratulations to the entire team of the film.

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