Light should not fall on the eyes; Actor Bala says his eye surgery is over

Bala is one such actor who has been embroiled in controversies recently. This is because of the open statements given by the actor. Bala was last seen in Shefik’s Shabab. Later, Bala reveals that producer Unnimukundan did not pay him. Bala said that not only he, but also other actors who worked in the film were not paid. But Unnimukundan also came saying that it was all a lie.

Bala talks about his eye surgery. I have some problem with my eyes. Ninety percent are solved. One more surgery left. After that everything will be fine.

Light should not fall on the eyes like this, for this cooling glasses are used. All sorrows are forgotten by laughing. There is always a laugh at this. Women are open weepers, men are not.

Women are stronger than men. Men can kill 10 people. Females can take 10 hits. They are mentally strong. That is called Shakti. Women cannot be trusted with certain things. They will understand both. Decisions are not firm. But Bala said that men are not like this.

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