Leonardo DiCaprio said ‘Titanic’ script was boring when he heard it: James Cameron

Titanic is such a film which resides in the heart of every Indian even after a long time. The film, which released on 19th December in the United States, is an epic film that must be watched by even those who have not seen many Hollywood movies. Now, the film’s director James Cameron has revealed that DiCaprio made the first comment after hearing the Titanic script.

When Leonardo DiCaprio heard the script for Titanic, he said it was boring. She later accepted the role after convincing DiCaprio that it was a challenging character. DiCaprio’s confidence in his own abilities is not at all surprising in his first impression,’ said James Cameron.

Meanwhile, the makers are all set to re-release Titanic as part of the film’s 25th anniversary celebrations. For those who have already seen the film in theatres, Titanic will come in such a way that it will give a whole new experience. The film has been remastered in 4K 3D. The film will hit the theaters worldwide on February 10, ahead of Valentine’s Day.

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The film was released as a Christmas release in 1997 and was directed by James Cameron. He also prepared the screenplay. Based on a historical event, James Cameron’s tragic love poem has emotionally touched the hearts of audiences across the globe. This film broke all the box office records till now.