Left out of the first film because of laughter; Tanvi Ram says

Tanvi Ram is an actress who became the audience’s favorite with the film Ambili directed by John Paul George. Tanvi was a finalist of the Miss Kerala pageant in 2012. Its subtitle was Miss Vividious. After graduation, Tanvi joined a leading bank in Bangalore and worked there for six years. Ambili’s debut film starred Saubin Shahir and Naveen Naseem in lead roles.

Now the actress is telling how she lost the film. Actors also give reasons. But Tanvi Ram said that she is not worried about it.

From 2012, I started looking for opportunities in films. Sending photos for auditions is done at that time. That’s why the audition was called after seeing the photo. But after the audition, I was rejected. The reason it is said is that I have a smile on my face.

Maybe what they needed was someone with a little more maturity. But it didn’t hurt me much that I didn’t get a chance in that film. Though I had to wait for some time, still I managed to start with Ambili movie. Laughter was very important in the film Ambili.

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