Left leg had to be amputated, no other problem; sayanora sad

Sayanora is a singer who has a huge fan following. This actor stole the hearts of the audience with his distinctive voice. Most of the songs sung by Sayanora became hits. Saynora, who has spread her wings in the field of music direction, has recently ventured into acting. Sayanora’s debut was through Anjali Menon’s film.

Now Sayanora is telling about her father.
The actor said that his father had to have his leg amputated due to an accident.

Sayanora says that dad had an accident and had to amputate his left leg. He has no other problem and is coming back healthy. We should join in prayers. Thanks to all those who understood and stood by the tough times. This situation too shall pass. Sayanora also posted a video of her singing with her parents.

Sayanora also mentioned that even though it is a sad time, we should maintain the special day of Christmas. Many well-wishers came with comments below Sayanora’s post.