Latif who is the protégé of Madhu; With a change in Kappa villain concepts

Latif who is the protégé of Madhu; With a change in Kappa villain concepts

Kappa, directed by Shaji Kailas and starring Prithviraj, hit the theaters on December 22. The film was also released on Netflix on 19 January. Prithviraj played the role of Kota Madhu in the film which told the story of gangsters against the backdrop of Thiruvananthapuram.

The city of Thiruvananthapuram has been troubled by rivalry and vendetta between gangs for ages. Kota Madhu is now infallible among miscreants. They have important links with the major political parties, the police and power centres.

The Binu gang are rivals of Kota Madhu. Although nothing is clear about this gang in the beginning, but a journalist named Latif is an important link in it. He has a never ending hatred for Madhu. Latif can be said to be one of the best characters of Kappa. Perhaps if we think from Latif’s side, it may also appear that he is not a hero.

Kappa also corrects the general perception of the subordination of the protagonist in Malayalam cinema. The villain Latif defeats the hero. Latif also justifies cheating against Hero. If Latif remains in the mind of the audience, then Dilish Pothan’s performance is its backbone. His eyes light up with hatred, despite being isolated since the beginning of the film.

Latif was also criticized for not having the same opening as the other characters. It is not said what started the problems between Madhu and him. Though Senthil’s character intervenes, there is no source of conflict between him and Jabbar. Dilish betters Latif with his performance despite the lack of such plots to support the character.

Content Highlights: Latif’s portrayal by Dilish Pothan in Kaapa

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