Lahiri has not come to Malayalam cinema recently, actor Soman used to drink alcohol sitting till 2 am, do you know what Narendra Prasad used to do when he did not get alcohol? Viewers now understand his true nature

Now many reports are coming out that the use of drugs is increasing in Malayalam cinema. In this way the names of many young directors and young actors are being heard. The names of directors who primarily made films based in Kochi and actors who regularly featured in such films are mentioned as such. The fact is that usually filmmakers from Thiruvananthapuram don’t use much alcohol.

At the same time, addiction has started gaining momentum in the field of cinema as well. The truth is that we have lost many stars to drug addiction. Be it actor MG Soman or Narendra Prasad, alcohol played a major role in their lives. Now production controller Sivaraman is telling about the lifestyle of both.

He says that actor MG Soman is a person who sleeps till two in the night and drinks alcohol. He says that he used to give alcohol to many actors at night. In an interview given to Master Bin Channel, he said all these things openly. She says that MG Soman was a very loving actor and sometimes at 2:00 in the night he would call her room and ask her to pour alcohol.

He says that after living with all this, he became an alcoholic. Mohanraj was the actor who played the role of Keerikadan Jose. He says he once had Betty with her and got drunk in a bar. Still, I was able to walk without any problem. Similarly, it is said that Narendra Prasad is a person who makes a lot of noise when the liquor is over. In any case, Malayalees are asking whether all of them have been dead for many years and should be left alone.