Kottayam Nazir’s Chest Pain; actor in icu

Film actor and mime star Kottayam Naseer was admitted to the hospital. The actor was admitted to the hospital due to chest pain. The Kottayam Nazarene was admitted to a private hospital in Kottayam Thelakam.

Kottayam Nazir’s angioplasty was done after angiogram. He is currently in the ICU. Doctors told that his health condition is satisfactory.

Kottayam Naseer is a Malayalam favorite actor. Actors win the hearts of the audience through mimicry. A native of Kottayam Karukachal, Kottayam Naseer is known for impersonating prominent personalities of Kerala.

Kottayam Nazir is also the first to introduce an item called Morphing in the Mimics Parade. Kottayam Nazir is a painter as well as a mime artist.

Kottayam Nazir is also notable as an actor. Kottayam Naseer will be part of the Malayalam silver screen with the film ‘Mimix Action 500’.

He has worked in many films. Mammootty’s film Roshak is the new release film of the star. Kottayam Nazir had a great character role with serious nature.

Kottayam Nazir is also notable as a television presenter. Kairali TV also has a program called Comedy Time on Asianet. Kottayam Nazir. Also presented the show.


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