Kota Madhu: I didn’t see even a sliver of the real Prithviraj in Ranjit Shankar’s role

Kappa is Prithviraj and Shaji Kailash’s next film after Tiger. The film, which was released in theatres, has received a good response. The film tells the story of Kuttippaka of the Quotation gangs that broke out in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. Now, director Ranjith Shankar has come out praising Prithviraj’s performance in the film.

‘I did not see even one percent of the real Prithviraj in the role of Kota Madhu in Kappa. Superb performance. Subtle, controlled, energetic. Looking forward to more such demonstrations’ tweeted Ranjit Shankar.

The screenplay of the film is based on Indu Gopan’s famous novel ‘Shankhumukhi’. Indu Gopan herself is writing the film. ‘Kappa’ is a film produced by Theater of Dreams, Sarigama India Pvt Ltd and FEFCA Writers Union in association with Jinu V Abraham and Dolvin Kuriakose Dilish Nair.

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Cinematography- Jomon T John, Production Controller Sanju J, Associate Director Manu Sudhakaran, Make-up Saji Kattakada, Stills- Hari Tirumala and PRO Sabari. Prithviraj was also the protagonist in the latest film directed by Shaji Kailas. Written by Jinu Abraham.

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