Kich Sudeep gave an anti-women statement against Rashmika, the audience said that they did not know that he was such a person.

Kiccha Sudeep is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He is known for his Kannada films. He played a central role in Rajamouli’s film Eecha. Undoubtedly, we saw his career best performance in this film. This film is enough to remember him forever.

Kantara was one of the recent miracle films of Indian cinema. It can be said that there is no Indian who has not seen this film. Or simply say that those who have not seen this film are not Indians. Rashmika Mandanna recently said that she has not seen the film yet. After this the actor faced a massive cyber attack.

But later the actor said that he saw Kantara and sent a congratulatory message to its crew. After this the disputes started. Now Kiccha Sudeep has again given a statement on this issue. Viewers are of the opinion that he has made strong anti-women remarks.

“It will happen. There have been controversies even before when there was no media. We are all celebrities. It is not always possible to get defeated. Sometimes eggs, tomatoes and stones can come at us anytime”- This Tha Kichha Sudeep replied. A section of people interpreted this to mean that he had asked Rashmika to throw eggs, tomatoes and stones. Whereas a person with common sense would understand that he was talking about problems faced by celebrities in general Was talking and he was referring to the cyber attack faced by Rashmika and he was nowhere making fun of her.Viewers are of the view that those who say there is misogyny in this are either opportunistic or uneducated Will be

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