Keerikadan Jose jokingly hit Jagdish on the head, then Jagdish’s scream was heard – this is a funny incident years ago

Keerikadan Jose is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. It’s actually a character name. This film was released in the year 1989. Written by Lohitadas, the film was directed by Sibi Mallil. The character played by actor Mohan Raj in this film was named Keerikdan Jose. Later he decided to name this character.

Sivaraman, who was the production controller of this film, gave an interview to a channel named Master Bin. He narrates interesting incidents that happened on the sets of the film.

“It was Kaladharan who brought Keerikadan Jose into the film industry. If Keerikadan is for Jose, there is no expression on his face when he says action. It was an action scene. An iron rod was brought for this. Jagdish slaps him on the head saying that nothing will be done. Later both were going to the room.” – he says.

“Suddenly a scream was heard. Jagdish tore the card and went to Jose to apologise. Jose angrily handed a glass to Jagdish. Jagdish was crying and saying that he was killing me. Everyone ran after hearing the scream. Keerikadan Jose felt very sad. It was a big problem for him later” – he added.