Kavya will become Dileep’s heroine after Manju said it: Lal Jose reveals Kavya’s parents were apprehensive about their daughter’s marriage

Lal Jose is one of the finest directors in Malayalam. Lal Jose has produced many hit films and given many heroines to Malayalam cinema.

Actresses from Kavya Madhavan, Anushree to Deepti Sati first became heroines through Lal Jose films.

Now Lal Jose is saying that Manju Warrier is also behind Kavya becoming a heroine. Lal Jose while speaking on Safari TV’s program “History Anylack” narrated the story of Kavya’s role as heroine in the film Chandran Udikkinna Dhikil.

While I was taking things forward for the film Chandranudikunna Dikhil, Dileep got into a situation where he had to marry Manju early.

So one night Dilip brought Manju out of the house and the next morning Dilip married her in a temple in Aluva. Biju Menon, Kalabhavan Mani and I were there.

After marriage, Chand got involved in film casting in the upcoming direction. We had first decided on Shalini. We went to Madras to meet Shalini and met her father.

The point was introduced. But he left this film calling it a Mani Ratnam film.

But then the lotus that I knew Shalini is said to have given a date to act in Sir Ke Rang. Both are together. So the next heroine started trembling.

Then a new heroine started dancing in place of Shalini. At that time Shornoor meets Kavya and Amma at a place,’

Kavya looked older than before at that time. So he went to Dilip’s house and said that Shalini’s talk would not work and he would think of a new child. He also told about Kavya,

Then Manju said that she would be right and it would be good if she did.

Then I said, I don’t know whether she will act as heroine or not and doubt she will look like a small child on screen.

Manju said that wearing churidar will make any girl look mature

Lal Jose says I went to Kavya’s house in Nileshwaram and met her father and mother and talked.

They agreed but were scared. I was afraid that if I played the heroine, people would say something or get married.

Lal Jose says that Kavya became a heroine only after understanding him.

Lal Jose’s second film Chandranudikunna Dik will see Kavya Madhavan playing the female lead for the first time. It is about the time when Kavya was studying in ninth grade, Dilip was the hero.

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