Kavya says Manju Warrier is successful in family life, audience says you spoiled that family

At one time, directors in Malayalam cinema used to reserve roles for Kavya Madhav. Because if Kavya Madhavan comes in that role then only it is right. Kavya had many fans then. After her marriage to Dilip, the number of her fans decreased. Today the actress is mostly criticized. Kavya, who quit acting after her first marriage, made a comeback after her divorce. But after marrying Dileep, Kavya again moved away from films.

Kavya Madhavan had a close friendship with Manj in the initial days. Kavya has also talked about Manju in many interviews. Now the things said by Kavya Madhavan years ago regarding Manju Warrier and her family life are being noticed again.

Kavya had said that if Manju Chechi had acted for a long time then this cost would not have happened. Before we could see Manju Chechi Manju Chechi left after marriage at peak time. Manju Chechi changed due to giving importance to family.

Kavya Madhavan said that he didn’t fail in his family life… He didn’t succeed in it. After the video went viral, many negative comments came. Knowing this much you spoiled that family, the sad thing is that it was Chunk Mitra who defeated Manju in family life.

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