Kaun Karega Kuch Aisa- Mammootty’s selfie video goes viral

Kaun Karega Kuch Aisa: Mammootty’s selfie video is going viral

Mammootty’s much awaited film Naan Pagal Neerth Mayakk is gearing up for release. Mammootty’s first collaboration with director Lijo Jose Pellissery is Naan Pagal Neerth Mayakkum. Produced by Mammootty’s company, the film will release on January 19.

As a part of the promotion of the film, Mammootty and other crew met the media on Monday. Mammootty’s selfie video with reporters at the end of the press meet is going viral on social media. A media person asked Mammootty if he would like to take a selfie with him. Mammootty immediately got up from his seat and took a selfie video with the reporters.

While shooting the video, Mammootty asked who would do such a thing. In the video, journalists can also be seen laughing at this.

Mammootty also answered a media question as to why the online media was not included in any of the film’s success celebrations. Mammootty said that even the actors in the film are not 100 people, but media persons will see at least 100 people and they cannot afford so many people.

“Victory celebrations are rare things. Actors who are a part of the film are usually called for victory celebrations. And the truth is, there is no department to call everyone together. Similarly time has to be arranged. And for that facilities also have to be made and there are many such problems.

You all decide together and leave a president and a secretary there. Anyway you can’t call everyone at once. But if one person is called and the other is not, isn’t that a problem? How many of you will come (to the media persons)? A hundred people coming together is not an event.

Hundred people will not even be seen in that film. In such a situation, what will happen if you go to call hundred people from outside? I say you choose a representative and send them to such an event. Then we will cooperate. We should be able to afford the cost and things like that,’ Mammootty said.

HighlightsHighlights: Mammootty’s selfie with media persons goes viral

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