Katpram says Manju eloped with a boy from Sallapam sets, advised and corrected: Criticism

Kochi: Catapram has been criticized on social media for revealing an old incident from the personal life of actress Manju Warrier. Talking on Safari TV, Katpram revealed how Manju’s film career started and Manju ran away in the beginning of her career. However, social media is asking about another actress of the show ‘History Through Me’ whether she has to reveal anything personal about her life.

Sallapam is my landmark film. My wife recommended Manju for this film. Lohi asked for comment. Mash’s number was given to my wife who taught dance to Manju in Payyanur and introduced Manju to Lohi. He had a terrible opinion of Manju. Still yes. I love Manju too. I’ve seen them before. When I went to a program in Kannur, Manju came on stage with Madhu sir and me. And got acquainted.

At that time there was a man who was the production manager of Unni. He got a chance to get close to Manju during the shoot. At times I felt Manju thought she was the producer. Meanwhile, one day Manju went missing. Everyone was surprised. Not even this man. He inquired where the two had gone. When he searched a house, he knew they were there. Thinking that it is a safe house, this boy went there with Manju. That’s why asked Manju is brought back. advised and corrected. This is how the shooting took place That boy is said to be Manju’s first boyfriend. I think it is because of Manju’s misunderstanding. Then the actor became the lover, Dilip’, Katpram said.