Kangana Ranaut has changed her stand on Muslim actors, but the audience has woken up late

Kangana Ranaut is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood. All his comments always create controversy. But now everyone is clapping on one of his comments. The actor says the country has always loved Khan actors. Not only this, the audience has a craze for Muslim actresses, the actor said. Hence, accusing the country of fascism and hatred is not the right course of action, the actor said.

Pattan is one such film in which Shah Rukh played the central role. Producer Priya Gupta recently analyzed the success of the film. Kangana reacted by sharing this. He also did not forget to congratulate actors Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone on the success of Pattan. The creator has enumerated and written four things which are clear from this incident.

1. Both Hindu and Muslim actors of this country love Shah Rukh Khan. 2. The calls made by some to boycott the film have not affected the film negatively and in fact have benefited the film in a big way. 3. The film has sensuous scenes and good music. 4. India is a secular country – producer Priya Gupta shared these four things

After this Kangra made this comment. You have done very good analysis. People of this country have always loved Khan actors. He has a special attachment to Muslim actresses. It is unfair to blame the country in the name of hatred and fascism. Kangana says that there is no country in the world like India.

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