Kangana as Indira Gandhi: ‘Emergency’ shoot wrapped up

‘Emergency’ is the new film in which Kangana will play the lead role. Kangana is playing the role of Indira Gandhi in the film. Kangana is also directing the film. Now, the actor took to Twitter to announce that the shooting of the film has been wrapped up. Kangana has announced that the shooting of the new film directed by her as an actress has been completed.

The note shared by Kangana states that everything has not been very smooth and she has gone through very difficult situations. The note also mentioned that Kangana had contracted dengue during the shoot. Kangana said that she always shares her views on social media but this time she is not sharing everything.

The screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Ritesh Shah. Produced by Kangana and Renu Pitti under the banner Manikarnika Films. This is Kangana’s second directorial venture. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, released in 2019, was the first film directed by Kangana herself in the title role.

However, it was directed by Kangana along with Krish Jagarlamudi. ‘Emergency’ will hit the theaters in 2023 as Kangana’s first independent directorial venture. Tanvi Kesari Pashumarthi is preparing additional dialogues for ‘Emergentita’. Associate Producer Akshat Ranaut.

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Executive Producer Sameer Khurana, Cinematography Tetsuo Nagata, Editing Rameshwar S Bhagat, Production Designer Rakesh Yadav, Costume Design Sheetal Sharma, Prosthetic Designer David Malinowski. The music is being directed by GV Prakash Kumar.

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