Kanak got angry with the firemen who came to the house, did the mental condition of the actress deteriorate after the house caught fire?

Kanak was an active actress in the 90s. But Kanak unexpectedly left the film and did not return. Even when she was sideline, many news about the actress reached the social media. Meanwhile, people have seen fake news of the death of the actress. Recently news came to light that a fire broke out in Kanak’s house in Chennai.

This information was given by the Tamil media itself. Neighbors informed the fire department after seeing smoke coming out of the house last day. It has been concluded that the fire was started by a burning lamp in the puja room. After the fire broke out, many valuables kept in the house got burnt to ashes. But when the fire brigade reached the house, a new report emerged that Kanak did not let them inside.

A fire broke out in the house where the actress lives in Chennai. Later police and fire brigade reached here. But Tamil media reported that Kanaka was angry with the firefighters who refused to let her inside the house. Later, after talking to Kanak, he went inside.

After this there were reports that the mental condition of actress Kanak has deteriorated. When the fire brigade officials were checking inside, Kanak was walking saying pitch and pei. But not because of mental distress, but because of anger, the fire brigade personnel came to the house. Also, it is not clear why Kanak initially refused to let the firefighters enter the house.