Kamal Mohanlal with new tattoo; Do you know what killed Taraputri?

Actor Mohanlal is a boon to Malayalam cinema. The actor’s family is also a favorite of the audience. But it cannot be said that the children are active in films after the father. Pranav Mohanlal comes occasionally and does one or two films and earlier Pranav had made it clear that he is not much interested in acting. But all the characters done so far have caught everyone’s attention.

Pranav who loves to travel is still on the go. Pranav had talked about making all the money for his journey himself. As far as his daughter Visma is concerned, she is yet to enter acting. Pullikari is all about books and reading. Earlier, Vismaya had released one of her books.

Vizma is currently the most shared video which is garnering attention. This time the star daughter has shared the joy of getting tattooed. Visma has got a very small tattoo done. Vismaya also has a tattoo of another person who looks like her sister. Both have tattoos on their little fingers.

Some have a smiley on their hands and some have two stitches on their hands. When combined it is a smiley emoji. The video shared by Vismaya has now gone viral. Both the children of Mohanlal are not much interested in acting. But Mohanlal is able to stand by the wishes of his children.

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