Kamal Haasan mocks Ayyappa’s believers, Hindu believers dare to say this about people of other religions

Kamal Haasan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Although best known for her Tamil films, she has acted in all major Indian film industries. He has also acted in several Malayalam films during his early career. Meanwhile, he was last seen in the Malayalam film Four Friends.

Now a video of him is being seen. This is a video from a while ago. He speaks in a manner that portrays the believers of Ayyappa in a bad light. Ayyappa devotees fast for 41 days before going to Sabarimala. In this connection, he has told a joke. At the same time, those who believe in secularism of our country say that he just told a joke and there is no need to create a controversy over it. At the same time, Hindu believers are asking whether Kamal Haasan would talk about the practice of any other religion in this way.

The words spoken by Kamal Haasan are as follows – “There is a system of offering garlands while going to Sabarimala. After wearing the garland, He is again the master. There will be no other such civilized people. But after taking off the necklace, they will compensate us for everything for that one and a half month. Once the garland is removed, they will not be great gentlemen” – said Kamal Haasan about the followers of Ayyappa.

At the same time, the video he said a few years back has now again become a wave in Kerala in the context of Mandal period. Right wingers are now saying that such people are insulting Hindus and trying to gain cheap popularity. Now the viewers are saying that people like Kamal Haasan are being fertilized by the secular believers and leftist thinkers of this country.

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