Kamal Haasan is the only person in India who calls my film bad, won’t show his face on internet anymore – Alphonse Putra

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Only Kamal Haasan qualified in India to say my film is bad, no other face on internet: Alphonse Putra

Director Alphonse Putra says only Kamal Haasan is qualified to say that his film is bad in India. Alphonse said that he is the only person who knows more about film work than him. Alphons shared a screenshot of his reply on a comment on social media.

Alphonse replied to the comment saying Gold is a bad movie, accept it and download the next movie.
This is wrong brother. Suppose you didn’t like my film. I have seen Kamal Haasan sir in Bharat who is qualified to say that my film is bad. He is the only person who knows more about film work than me. So when Brother said it again, did you insist that Brother did not like it,’ said Alphonse. After this, Alphonse has withdrawn all the posts on Instagram.

In another post, Alphonse also replied to the trolls who brought the film Gold, which finally released under Alphonse’s direction.

“If you troll me for your satisfaction and say bad about me and my Gold film, that’s fine for you, not for me. That’s why I will not show my face on social media in protest.”
I am not your slave. No one has been given the right to make fun of me and abuse me.

Watch my film if you like it. And don’t show your anger by coming on my page. If you do this you will disappear from the internet. It is not the same as it used to be. I will be honest with myself, my partner, my children, the people who truly love me, and those who stand by me when I fall. I will never forget the smile on your face when I fell. It happens naturally, naturally. So the same nature will protect me by taking support. Have a nice day,’ Alphonse said.

Prithviraj starrer Gold received huge critical acclaim after its release. The audience pointed out flaws in the script and making. There was also criticism for giving a small role to an actress like Nayantara.

Ingredients Highlight: Director Alphonse Puthren says only Kamal Haasan is qualified to say his film is bad

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