Kalabhavan Mani Chetan proposes that if he marries, Kalabhavan Shajon and Dharmajan are the witnesses – heard Subi Suresh? Onlookers wonder if he’s left us anyway

Subi Suresh is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. At one time, the actor was very active in mimicry stage and television shows. Both have done many shows together. They have done many programs together in the country and abroad. The actor is not married yet. From time to time, there are reports that the actress is married, but later it is revealed that it was all fake.

Now Kalabhavan Mani has taken note of an offer made to him. The actor made this disclosure while participating in the show ‘Oro Kori’ on Flower TV. Subi Suresh says that Kalabhavan Mani made such an offer after seeing actors Kalabhavan Shajon and Dharmajan. But the actress says that Kala Bhavan does not have the money to buy goods today.

Kalabhavan Mani Chetan said that if I am getting married, I will give him ten sacred gold. Subi Suresh says Kalabhavan Shajon and Dharmajan will witness it” – these were the words of Kalabhavan Mani Chetan. “We do not know whether the wedding will take place or not. But the speckled man has not left us. What can I say now? It was an unexpected death” – added the actor.

The actor spoke emotionally not only about Kalabhavan Mani but also about his father who passed away prematurely – “In the past, when we used to go to cinema events, we would go in a transport bus were. Then I would fall asleep with my head on my father’s stomach. “Once I brought a bead from Israel to my father,” the actor became emotional. People including his brother are seen crying sitting on the stage of this programme.

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