Kalabhavan Mani also has a role in Dileep and Manju Warrier’s wedding, do you know what it is? Mani told the truth many years ago, but now it is being looked into

Kalabhavan Mani is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. Dileep and Manju share a close relationship despite being warriors. Do you know the reason? Sallapam is a movie starring Dileep and Manju Warrier in lead roles. Kalabhavan Mani played a central role in this film. The actor played the role of Chetukkaran Rajapan in this film. This actor makes Kalabhavan Mani famous.

Dilip Manju Warrier also eloped and got married. Kalabhavan Mani says he also has a role in this relationship. The actor says he had a good rapport with both of them. Kalabhavan Mani asks was there no adventure in this and why no one told what I did. At the same time, the actor said that he never forgets the past.

Kalabhavan Mani said that his parents’ workplace was his first venue. Later he bought all this place at a reasonable price. Kalabhavan Mani says it was not his vashi but a sweet retribution. Kalabhavan Mani says in a video that he was not much interested in owning the place and was thinking about the people working there.

His wife’s name is Nimmi. Some media said that there were some problems between the two. But in this video the wife says that there was no problem between the two. Meanwhile, Kalabhavan Mani has done many films with Manju Warrier. Similarly Dileep and Kalabhavan Mani were once a hit combination, not only that he has done many films for Dileep.

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