Joy Mathew posted insulting Chinta Jerome – Malayalam community says it is common for some people to feel uncomfortable seeing girls with talent and skill.

Actor Joy Mathew is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is one of those people who has proved his mettle as a director as well. He is quite active in social media. He often comments on all the social, cultural and political issues of the country. The society of Kerala does not pay any heed to his words because he is a staunch Congressman.

Today a news is turning into a massive controversy. Everyone in Kerala knows that the media and the opposition together are creating unnecessary controversies. Youth Commission is one such organization which plays a major role in the development of the state of Kerala. It is headed by Comrade Chinta Jerome. His salary was only Rs 50,000. You have to remember that today even salaried people are paid Rs 60,000 per month. At the same time, some film stars following the path of opposition and opposition are conducting cyber protests on a large scale considering salary hike as a mere goal.

Now actor Joy Mathew is criticizing Comrade Chinta Jerome through Facebook. The society of Kerala says that he is talking about green misogyny. The society of Kerala demands that the democratic seculars of Kerala unite against this. Now the entire society of Kerala is saying with the opposition that if your intention is to keep Jharum away from concern, then our intention is to keep them together.

Meanwhile, Chinta Jerome was appointed as the chairman of the commission in October 2016. With effect from January 6, 2017, his salary was Rs.50,000. At the same time, when the rules were made in 2018, the salary was increased as a target. That’s why the Finance Department had authorized him to pay eight and a half lakh rupees as salary arrears for the last 17 months. People like Joy Mathew have now created a controversy over this trivial matter. Viewers ask how true is the saying that some uncles don’t get girls who are talented, smart and capable. Read his post: