Jewel Marie opens up about her love failure

Actress Jewel Marie opened up about her love failure. The actor says love failure left him mentally broken and he didn’t have even a quarter of the guts to love.

‘If you had a quarter of my courage? Rubbed and pasted. Mentally broken and isolated by everyone at school. In the end I had to drop out of school.

‘In those days love was a terrible phenomenon. His behavior was as if I had some kind of AIDS. I had to study that day sitting alone on a bench. This is the reason why the school was changed. When I think about it now, that thirteen-year-old is very in love with me.’

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‘When I was studying in class 7th, I had a crush on a boy studying in class 10th. He followed that brother for some time. Then someone said that the friend has another girlfriend. It broke. And for a long time I was in love,’ said Jewel Mary.

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