Jellikattu was bad and really thought of running away at that time: Antony Varghese

‘Jallikattu’ was a film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. Antony Varghese and Chemban Vinod played lead roles in the film. Now Antony Varghese is sharing his experience during the shoot. The actor says that Jellikattu’s condition was bad and he felt like running away.

Jellikattu was in bad condition. The film was shot in the reservoir of the Kattappanal Dam. It is very cold there. The shoot was in December. At that time it will be very cold. At six o’clock in the evening we are taken there and stopped and first water is poured on our heads. After that, it will completely sink into the mud’.

‘ After this you have to remain like this till six in the morning. Meanwhile, around 9:30 in the night, we come to eat and take a bath. So we will wait for the bath. After half an hour again in the mud.

“Through that shooting of Jellikattu, I feel forgiven for the sins I have committed in my life and the sins I am about to commit.” Now I can sin boldly. That is what I have suffered. At that point, I thought I might run away,’ Anthony Varghese said.