Jeejanthi is the person who stood by her in all difficult times, Ambili Devi shares her happiness on receiving the award

Ambili Devi is an actress who once acted in films and serials. Ambili, who was away from acting for some time, made a strong comeback. The actor also started his YouTube channel in his second appearance. Fans say that 2023 will be a good year for Ambili. The actress soon managed to win an award too. The actor also shared his happiness after receiving the award.

Ambili says its a very happy day for them. I got this award in the name of Kalabhavan Manichetan, who is dear to all of us. This recognition was sought through the role of Kaveri in Kanalpov aired on Surya TV. The actress said that she has received the Popular Heroine Award. Ambili thanks the audience.

Meanwhile, Ambili Devi along with her children, father and mother came to receive the award. The actor also added that Jeezanti is the only person who stood by him in all the difficult times.

Ambili Devi had also said that she has received this award after a long time. I cannot play any role if my children, father and mother do not support me. Ambili says she wants everyone’s support.

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