Jayaram shared the news of his unexpected death and said that the audience was not expecting it at all

Jayaram is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is not very active in social media. But he comes to the spot from time to time giving information about important things happening in his life. He often comes to greet during the festive season. He always shares a picture of himself with his family.

Now recently a post shared by Jairam has got attention. He posted it on Facebook. He has to announce a death. If Jayaram, who is generally not very active on Facebook, has posted on Facebook to inform about his death, then it can be understood how much Jayarametta’s life was needed.

Jayaramettan shared a picture of an elephant. The name of this elephant is Nadkal Unnikrishnan. Jayaramettan is now reporting that the elephant has fallen. Many people commented below the post by saying ‘Pranam’. Meanwhile did you know that this elephant played the central character in a movie?

Ajagajantram was a film released a year and a half ago. A central character in this film was played by an elephant. Ana’s performance was highly appreciated and the director, cameraman and other actors and actresses received huge praise. Nadkal Unnikrishnan is the elephant who played the character. Many people are now coming to the spot to pay their respects to the elephant named Unnikrishnan.

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