James and the beautiful of the Gentiles; Mammootty, a solo actor

James and the beautiful of the Gentiles; Mammootty, a solo actor

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A group inquires if anyone has gone to the woman who was roasting cow dung after some time has passed as she had dozed off early in the day. Many have gone this way, some have died, and the woman asks them, who are you looking for? Are they trying to bring back the living James or the dead (?) Sundaram inside James? Through this question, the film reaches there later.

Nain Pagal Neret Siamak is a conflict between James and Sundaram who differ in language, dress, behavior and character. James is a fat one. James is an ‘Uncle’ who does not value the likes of the people in the group and stops the singing and band which they all enjoy as a nuisance. An average Malayali middle aged man who doesn’t like Tamil food and doesn’t like places there. He complains that the tea he is drinking while eating at the Tamil Hotel has too much sugar. Every Malayalee must have come across James at some point in his life.

Sundaram’s character is the opposite. Sundaram is a man who interacts with the local people with an open mind, enjoys watching songs and movies, and speaks and acts correctly when he hears the dialogues of the film. Good sweetness is essential for tea.

Mammootty plays two characters in a film which are varied in walking, sitting and looking. Mammootty’s performance is the main factor that keeps the audience engaged in the slow paced film.

Some scenes in the film live up to Lijo’s statement that when Mammootty is crying, we are with him. At one point, the audience will understand without being told that the time has come for Sundaram to leave James. The audience would also unconsciously wish that James did not wake up from the resulting trance. It is because of Mammootty that Sundaram has penetrated so deeply among the audience.

When Mammootty portrays Sundaram, who has to claim the country where he was born and grew up as his own, and who faces neglect even from his own people, the audience’s hearts will melt.

In his decades-long acting career, Mammootty has not been safe by acting in safe zone films, but like a beginner, challenges himself by taking on new roles and experimenting.

Content Highlight: Mammootty’s performance is the highlight of the movie Naan Pakal Nerathu Mayakkam

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