It’s our 25th wedding anniversary; siddiqui and lina says

Leena is one of the finest actresses in Malayalam. Leena is one of the few Malayalam actresses who can portray a character of any age with perfection. Leena, who stepped into cinema at the age of 16, is now in the 25th year of her film career.

Leena worked in many films during this period. Leena has played many characters like sister, heroine, wife and mother.

But the star’s new film is Natalia. The actress is seen as Siddiqui’s wife in the film. The things Leena said during the promotion of the film are getting a lot of headlines on social media.

Leena talks about working as the wife of actor Siddiqui in about 18 films. Siddique Ikka married me in the very first film. It was said that all the upcoming movies would be like this.

As mentioned, Leena says that she became a wife in 18 films. My first film was Sneha directed by Jayaraj. I played a full length character with Siddiqui that day.

I study in 11th. There is a wedding scene in it. In that scene, Siddiqui had said that if I tie three knots on my plate, I will have to play the role of my wife in all the upcoming films. This scared me a bit.

A year after that, I became Siddika’s wife in Kochu Kochu Sathostha. After that she became wife many times. Leena also said that she has been married 18 times so far.

In the first film she played the role of my wife. After 25 years, she is playing the role of my wife in this film as well. It’s our 25th wedding anniversary. Siddiqui said that this is something that everyone should celebrate. We have been married for 25 years and during that time we have worked in 18 films.

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