It’s okay not to work in Sir’s film, don’t use abusive words against Laletan: Dharmajan

Actor Dharmajan Bolgatti replied to Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Actor Dharmajan Mohanlal, who says he has no opinion on Adoor Sir seeing Lalayton as a gangster, says he is a great person for him.

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That’s because I thought I should say two words to Adoor Sir

Actor mohanlal is big man for us adoor sir because we didn’t see good movies of mohanlal we have no opinion on adoor sir seeing mohanlal as gangster. There are many movies in which Mohanlal sir acted as a common man like Ai Auto, TP Balagopalan MA, Vellanalal Naadu, Kiryatham etc. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t act in your film, but Mohanlal has always been a great actor and a great human being. Sir, behave with the right people, but don’t use bad words on Lalaten.

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