“It’s a dream, hope it comes true..”; Fans loved Tovino’s emotional note

The final schedule of ‘Ajayan Ki Doosri Chori’ has also been completed. The film in which Tovino will be seen in three roles is a highly anticipated film by the fans. Most notable now are the notes and photos Tovino shared on social media after the shoot was over. Fans have taken the emotional note of the star with great enthusiasm. (Tovino Pics in Ajayante Motion)

note by tovino
An epic experience ensues. After 110 days of shooting, the schedule of Ajay’s second Mothan is coming to an end. No small word for those starting an ‘epidemic’ of Ajayan’s second theft. It is a period film. Other than that, the experience of this film was larger than life for me. I feel like a man who has emerged from an era and changed himself.

Ajayan’s second dacoity was one such story that got us excited since 2017. As is often the case with dreams, the start was delayed. But I leave after filming fun, enjoyable and satisfying as a learning experience. I learned new skills from this film including kalripayat and horse riding. I am playing three different roles in Ajay’s second motion, all of which were completely different.

And I had many dear friends around me in the form of cast and crew. It made things easy even with the most challenging schedules. Many good memories and new friends made. Another lesson from Ajayan’s second heist is Kasaragod.

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The support of the people and the many familiar smiles made my life easier for months here. Thanks Kasaragod for being home. Saying goodbye to a great place and a great team – but I’ll be back. The movie will be amazing. thanks all. it’s a dream. Hope it is true.

Story Highlights: Tovino pens an emotional note after wrapping up the shoot of Ajayante Moshanam

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