It was the best moment of the year; to be honest, good luck

Arjun and Saubhagya are favorite stars of Malayalees. Fans like this star couple a lot. Tarakalyan’s daughter Saubhagya Venkatesh is an audience favorite even though she hasn’t acted in any film or serial yet. Saubhagya gained fans by sharing videos through her YouTube channel. The video shared by this actor has many viewers.

When asked by a fan what was the best moment of 2022, Saubhagya said it was her daughter Sudarshan’s first birthday. When asked what she wants to do in 2023, Saubhagya said that she would try to be a better mother to her daughter Sudarshana than she was in 2022. Saubhagya said that Sudappu’s Choroon ceremony was a good celebration to be held in 2022.

Saubhagyam and Arjun were married after a long courtship. Arjun was a student of Tara Kalyan’s dance class. This is where Arjun and Saubhagya befriend and this relationship turns into love. Tara Kalyan saw Arjuna as her son. That’s why there was no big protest even when this relationship came to know in the house.

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