It was Mammooka who told the Malayali community what Malikappuram was; The actors join the team in celebrating the victory

Malikappuram is a movie directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar starring Unni Mukundan. The screenplay is by Abhilash Pillai. Indrans, Manoj K Jayan, Saiju Kurup and Ramesh Pisharti are playing other characters in the film. The film is getting good response. Three days after the release of the film, the team of Malikappuram is celebrating its success. Mammootty also joined them as a guest.

Mammootty cut the cake along with Devanand, who plays the lead in the film, and another child artist, Sreepath, and joined in the celebrations. Its video is making headlines on social media. In the video, Unni Mukundan can be seen standing like an obedient kid in front of Mammootty, who was actively cracking jokes.

“Today is a big day for me. Not because of anything else. Malikappuram has become the biggest hit of my film career. Thank you so much Anton Chet. Thank you everyone. Especially Mamooka.

It was Mamuka who told the Malayali community what Malikappuram was all about. That prosperity came with me. Unni Mukundan said that the film has become the first hit of 2023 and thanked Mammootty by touching his feet.

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