It was Lijo who made the film and called Mammookka, not Mammookka who made ‘Nanpakar Perth Kakam’ and called Lijo; Siddiqu on praising Mammootty only

Actor Siddique says that while people appreciate actor Mammootty for coming up with new characters, they are forgetting the many people who work behind it. Siddiqui said this in an interview to Movie Man Broadcast. Praising Mammukka for films like ‘Bhishma Parivar’, ‘Rochak’ and ‘Nanpakkal Nerath Mayakkum’, Siddique said he often feels people forget the people behind them and this is not the trend.

Siddiqui also said that Mamuka is able to do such roles because good films are coming looking for her.
It is a good thing to do good films. But such films cannot be made with Mamuka. Somebody else has to make it. He could only do so when Lijo Jose Pellissery went to Mamuka in the early hours of the day to make a film like Mayakam. Siddiqui also said that Mamuka is not creating character during the day and Lijo is calling Jose Pellissery.

I have often felt whether it is Roshak, be it Morning Nap, or Bhishmaparvam, when people appreciate Mammootty coming up with new characters, they forget the many people who worked behind it Was. They come up with such characters. Siddiqui says that this should not be forgotten.

If Mammootty pulls off a surprise by doing that, then there are many other people who are trying to get Mammootty into that role. Siddiqui said that they deserve equal praise. Every film is a lesson. How many people take care of us? Siddikha also says that when we come into each other’s hands, we get lost.