It was Ganesh who first appointed me as my mother’s secretary: Iwala Babu

The actors shared the story behind actor Evala Babu’s rise to the position of secretary of AMMA, an association of Malayalam film stars. Tiny Tom, Ganesh Kumar and others, who participated in a panel discussion on cinema and writing organized by the Legislative Assembly on the sidelines of the International Book Festival, narrated how actor Evala Babu landed up as Amma’s secretary.

Tiny Tom said that in the past when Amma’s meeting was held, the then President had thrown Avala Babu out of the meeting and that chair was the oath taken by Avala Babu that day. Tiny Tom further said that this story was once told to him by Iwala Babu himself.

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‘I did politics there for a second when a secretary resigned from my mother. In a dogma. All those books were bought and handed over. This is how Iwala Babu becomes mother’s secretary’, was Ganesh’s reply.

Iwala Babu said, ‘It was Ganesha who first put me in that position and there is no doubt about it.’

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