It is not that Kavya Madhavan is bad, but Manju Warrier is on another level; Irshad

Actress Manju Warrier is a boon to Malayalam cinema. In the first period, Manju played a character that took the audience by surprise. Manju, who later quit acting after getting married, made a strong comeback after a long break. Manju movies have always had a lot of fans.

Many people of Malayalam cinema have praised Manju’s acting. Manju knows very well where to stop and where to start. Now actor Irshad’s talk about Manju is going viral. Irshad is the only actor who previously acted with the actress.

Now actor Irshad talks about how actress Manju Warrier is different from others. Why so much talk about Manju Warrier alone? Why is Manju different from others?

Manju knows where to put the right amount. It is not for everyone. I don’t mean that the other actresses are bad. Manju gets just the right amount to give. Perhaps even Manju does not know this. It is a divine gift. This does not mean that Kavya Madhavan is bad. Irshad said that actress Manju Warrier herself has surprised me in my time.