It is not for nothing that it is said that women hate snakes, did you see Bollywood actress Rekha when she gave a more expensive dress to another heroine in the film?

Rekha was once one of the most popular stars of Bollywood. He also appeared in several gossip columns. Her husband committed suicide. But even after that he continued to apply red color on his forehead for many years. There were rumors that she was in love with Amitabh Bachchan. Many unexpected incidents have happened in his life since childhood. Her father is superstar Gemini Ganesan. But it is said that he did not publicly acknowledge them. He was brought up by his mother Pushpavalli. Rekha always wears saree. Rekha says that the reason for this is that when she wears a saree, she always feels that her mother is with her.

Rekha has always treated the new generation of Bollywood stars with great affection. When his films became hits, Rekha used to take out special time to congratulate him. Also, the actress has shown a great lack of maturity due to the fact that she was young when she appeared in the film. One such incident happened at the location of the 1976 film Naagin.

This film was directed by Rajkumar Kohli. Reena Roy played another central character in the film. It is said that there was a lot of ego problem between Reena and Rekha, the heroine of this film. If reports are to be believed, bringing the two together on screen was a big challenge. It is said that a competition also took place between them.

At the same time, Reena’s character was more important in this film. Rekha’s character was comparatively less important. Not only did Rekha create a lot of problems for this, Rekha also created bigger problems by accusing Reena of wearing a more expensive outfit than hers during the shooting of the song sequences. Rekha not only called the director but also insisted that she would not act without changing the role. Since there was no other way, the makers were succumbing to this rumour.

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