Is this the same person who criticized Nimisha; Dilsha Prasanna’s photoshoot

This time the winner of Malayalam Bigg Boss Season 4 is a woman. It is none other than Malayali Dilashprasanna who grabbed attention through Difour Dance. Dilu reached Bigg Boss house by giving orders to both of them. Dilsha was not a great competitor in the beginning. But it was not so then. Dilu was becoming a strong contender. So this star also won the first place.

After coming out, Dilsha was criticized a lot. Now it has increased. The reason for this is the photos shared by Dilsha on Christmas day.

The pictures shared by the actor quickly went viral. But after that the actor started getting criticized on social media. Many people have commented on the pictures of the star.

When I got some money in my hand, I started changing my clothes, what would I get by showing my body in front of others? Excuse me, we are Aarti Podi Fansa, we are very excited to be in the film, what is it, brother? Is this the same Dilsha we saw in Bigg Boss and a little masculine in the last picture? Some say that the face has changed.