Is this Shahrukh Khan’s son’s girlfriend? If patriots say that it would be better for a star’s son to leave the country because this girl is in Pakistan, then who do you know?

Aryan Khan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is the son of Shahrukh Khan. Recently he has been embroiled in many controversies. He was arrested in a drug case. This later became the cause of much controversy. But in this matter Taraputra got success later. It was later revealed that this fake case was a game played by some politicians.

Meanwhile, a photo of him was released yesterday. A photo of him with a girl came to the fore. Do you know who this girl really is? She is a young actress from Pakistan. Her name is Sadia Khan.

Be aware that these pictures were taken a few days ago during an event held in Dubai. It is known that this program is organized under the celebration of Christmas and New Year. His sister Suhana also attended the event. Both of them met in this event and later also got photographed.

At the same time, a large scale discussion has started regarding this in the social media. Now there are discussions whether both are in love or just friendship. Anyway, Taraputra has started a new controversy. Meanwhile, some right-wing people say that if there is an intention to love a Pakistani girl, then do not come to India.

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