‘Is the object in hand’; Varkey & Company sets the stage for laughter – Flowers Originals’ new web series spreads laughter

Phool, who has given a new shape to the enjoyment views of Malayalees, is very active on the social media platform today. Insight Media City’s new digital venture, Flower Originals which always accurately portrays the topical issues, presents entertainment and news to the viewers, and the short films of Flower Originals are excellent. Flower Originals brings to the audience short films rich in concept and presentation.

After viral short films, Flower Originals is back with a new web series. The first episode of the series ‘Saadhanam Kayilundo’ released yesterday. This series with many funny moments is now spreading laughter on social media. Different storyline and excellent performances by the actors make this series stand out.

‘Sadhanam Kaiddu’ is an interesting visual portrayal of three friends and the unexpected life situations that they go through at a certain point. The story takes an interesting turn when Varkey and Shantan unexpectedly come across a friend named Atmajan who share a flat.

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The natural acting style of the cast and great comic timing is what makes this series stand out. The directors manage to convey an interesting story very well to the audience. Editing plays no small role in delivering the hilarious scenes to the audience. The music and sound direction deserve a lot of applause.

Story Highlights: Sadhanam Kaiilundo from the new web series Phool Original