Is Samajam star Unni Mukundan really making fun of Sanghis? Left activist Rashmi R Nair with sarcastic post against Malikappuram film Kalakan post called sister by fans

Rashmi R Nair is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is known to be a leftist activist. The actor is very active on social media. Actors themselves comment on many issues going on in the society. The actor comments on all the political, social and cultural issues going on in the society.

Malikappuram is one such film that hit the theaters last week. Unni Mukundan plays the central role in the film. The film is directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar. The film is getting very good response. A lot of people have come forward giving very good reviews to the film. Rashmi R Nair’s post takes note on this occasion.

The actor asked why are you making fun of the gang. He says that the character played by Unni in the movie Malikappuram is that of a policeman and the same policeman who busted the number scams in Edappal and Nilakkal. Rashmi asked if you are making fun of the gangs by calling only one policeman a hero.

In Bhakti’s fiction, two children are leaving for Sabarimala without the knowledge of the family. A policeman from Kerala comes to protect them. The film has all such scenes where people coming to Sabarimala for various purposes give a good jolt. There are policemen in the film who throw away all the hair ties and hang Sura climbing Sabarimala and put her in a jeep. Now is Samajam star Unni Mukundan really making fun of the Sanghis? Read the full version of Rashmi Nair’s post: