In the stream of taking refuge out of the ego, the rat of Ganesha is called in the end – Ramesh Pishradi

In the flow of seeking refuge out of ego, the last call is to Ganesha: Ramesh Pishradi

Ramesh Pishardi is one such actor who has made the audience laugh a lot through films and comedy shows. The actor is sharing an interesting experience of visiting Sabarimala in his youth. Pisharathi was speaking in an interview to Popperstop Malayalam.

Once we decided to go to Sabarimala as friends. Going by shared car. There are me and my two other friends. One more person is needed to share. Then a friend brought a friend whom we did not know.

When it was time for Ketunira, the new arrivals cried out for refuge. We all know that he doesn’t stop calling even after finishing the item. All kinds of calls we’ve never heard before. Call as you say, Drishtitripaya, Dhastankadhisthane. Then there is an Arvindu with me, if there is ego then he is the chief. He can’t do anything.

He was the one who stood there like a cat for so long and when the lump was over it began to howl for shelter. Those who are listening are also calling out by saying Sharanmayyapo.

The other held the gap where he was breathing. After making 15-16 phone calls, his stock ran out. Then he looked at all the properties there and started calling. He looked at everything there and started calling out saying “My dear Kapoor, Irumudi Kete, my Neyyabhishek dear”. While calling, his eyes fell on the photo of Ganesha there and he called Lord Ganesha and called Ganesha’s mouse in that one stream. This happened in my childhood,’ Pisharti said.

The actor’s latest film is Malikappuram directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar. The film starring Unni Mukundan was released on 30 December. Devanand, Indrans, Saiju Kurup and Manoj K. Jayan and Shripat played other important roles in the film.

Content Highlights: Ramesh Pisharody talks about his Sabarimala experience

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